Goal 4: Valuing and financing carbon storage 

Goal 4 will support valuation of different services, costs and net benefits across forests, shrublands and rangeland to inform public and private investments in multi-benefit landscape management. While carbon storage is the main focus of this proposal, sustainable land management yields multiple other benefits, including water-related services and recreation, with beneficiaries at different scales from local to global. It is the Grantee’s premise that valuation tools can support agreements, on a project-by-project basis, to equitably apportion costs to the different beneficiaries. The larger goal is to support monetizing benefits. The main focus is on forests, recognizing both the urgency that the state, federal and private landowners have placed on increasing the pace and scale of forest restoration. While California and the federal government are expected to make large investments in forest restoration in the coming years, there are few estimates on what the benefits would be for different beneficiaries. Indeed it is widely believed that the extent of the forest to be restored and the associated benefits will fall short of the needs.