Our Mission:

The Center for Ecosystem Climate Solutions is a collaborative research project that will develop and communicate strategies to better manage California’s natural lands for climate change.

The Center’s goal is to identify land management practices that simultaneously enhance carbon sequestration, reduce wildfire severity, protect watersheds, and increase ecological and community resilience.

California is leading the charge to confront Climate Change. California sees natural and working land management as an important piece of this puzzle, and the Center is designed to help the State realize this goal.  The Center is bringing researchers, managers and practitioners together to develop a new data-driven approach to land management, with support from California’s Strategic Growth Council and California Climate Investments.




Our Goals:

  1. Yield a significant net reduction in emissions using strategies that are easily replicated and scaled
  2. Yield multiple benefits to low-income, rural parts of the state of California
  3. Target the need for a novel framework to look at the effects of wildland management on multiple co-benefits, including C, water balance and fire spread
  4. Assess the outcomes of past management efforts.
  5. Directly engage stakeholders throughout the research process
  6. Build on and leverage decades of research to understand and prepare for the impact of climate change on California’s wildlands 
  7. Quantify and maximize land management co-benefits, which will disproportionately accrue to low-income, rural areas. Potential benefits include:
    • Reducing wildfire risk
    • Maintaining water quality and/or quantity
    • Maintaining tourism and recreation economy
    • Direct employment, internships, and training


Download the Center for Ecosystem Climate Solutions one pager.