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Effects of past wildfire provide roadmap for future Sierra Nevada management impacts on water supply, incentives for forest restoration

By Jaquelyn Lugg, UC Merced While forest restoration is often associated with mitigating wildfire risk and improving ecosystem health throughout the Sierra Nevada, these actions will also have a dramatic impact on water use within forests and the amount of runoff that ultimately flows downstream. Since the Sierra Nevada provides over 60% of California’s water […]

New research clarifies impacts of timber harvest on sediment in watersheds, provides mitigation insights

By: Jaquelyn Lugg, UC Merced After timber harvest or fuel reduction thinning operations, sediment delivery to nearby streams and waterways can increase, potentially affecting water quality, drinking water supplies, habitat and recreational opportunities. To effectively reduce these adverse effects of harvest, foresters first need to know the precise causes of sediment increases. Historically, researchers investigating […]

New Tools Indicate How Thinning and Fire Affect Forest Water Use and Boost Runoff

By Jaquelyn Lugg, UC Merced Forest-management actions such as mechanical thinning and prescribed burns don’t just reduce the risk of severe wildfire and promote forest health — these practices can also contribute to significant increases in downstream water availability. New research from UC Merced’s Sierra Nevada Research Institute (SNRI) provides the tools to help estimate […]

Survey: Share Your Perspective on Land Management with Our Team

Our goal at the Center for Ecosystem Climate Solutions is to develop new land management solutions for California in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. These solutions will be aimed at enhancing carbon capture in our forests, reducing wildfire severity, protecting watersheds, and increasing social and ecological resilience across the state. One outcome […]

Thinning at French Meadows

Meet the Summer 2020 Interns

Summer 2020 marks the first cohort of CECS project interns!  Over the course of eight weeks, the interns are collaborating on a range of topics to support the CECS research team, including science communication products, data analysis, and more. In this blog post, get to know the interns and learn more about what they’re working on […]

“Beyond the Brink” Full Video Available

We’re pleased to announce that the film “Beyond the Brink: California’s Watersheds” is available to view in full, thanks to the Association of California Water Agencies. The film, which was co-produced by the CECS, and features several project team members, delves into the issues California’s watersheds are presently facing. A sequel, diving more into the […]