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CECS research is focused on four central efforts:

    1. Developing consistent, integrated geospatial datasets to quantify the effects of past and ongoing disturbances to land surface characteristics in California, including vegetation, water, fuels, fire hazard, and carbon stocks
    2. Determining the effects of past and ongoing land management activities on land surface characteristics
    3. Building publicly available tools to inform management decisions, including tools for data download, visualization, assessment of proposed management, and ecosystem service valuation
    4. Valuing the multiple benefits of land management practices in order to incentivize financing of future projects

CECS researchers have developed products to meet the first three goals of the project and are continuing to refine those products with stakeholder input. The fourth is in development, with a shareable product expected by Fall 2022. A full summary of CECS progress to date is available in our Year 1 and 2 Annual Reports.